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Fifth Grade

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5th Grade Important Dates:

Field trips

Play at Bayside: April 21 

MakerFaire: May 19 (chaperons are needed)

Angel island: June 6 (full day trip)

Pool Party: June 8


Open house: May 18 at 6pm

End-of-year event meeting: May 18 at 7pm (right after Open House)

Music concert: May 25 

Carnaval: June 7

Promotion: June 14 (Students come at usual time, ceremony commences at 9am). 

Llegar temprano para estacionarse y encontrar asientos. 


Many permission slips were sent home before spring break. Please make sure to sign and fill out all the information needed and return as soon as possible. 

Reading log:

 You can find the reading log here


Read every night in English for 30 minutes and fill out the reading log. 

 Language Arts:

Students are now reading in English with a focus on informational text. Please remind your child to read at least 30 minutes per day and fill out the reading log.  


Soon we will be starting our unit on puberty.

Puberty Talk curriculum instructs the following topics:
⦁ Puberty 
⦁ Personal hygiene ⦁ Family Communication
⦁ Physical and sexual development ⦁ HIV and AIDS
⦁ Conception and pregnancy ⦁ Decision-making and asking for help
⦁ Sexual Abuse and inappropriate behavior

Some recommendations: read more informational text (non-fiction) at home especially in Spanish. If you find any books or, even videos, in Spanish that talk about the concepts we are studying, it would help students make connections and understand the experiments and ideas we discuss in class.



Music concert: May 25th 

Please take care of the instruments and books and bring them every Thursday. 


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5th Grade Teachers

Maestra Canfield - Salón 14

Maestra Gutierrez - Salón 15

Maestra Shahidinejad - Salón 26