Third Grade

Third Grade


Who are the 3rd grade teachers?

  • Maestra Alvarado- Salon 16
  • Maestro Limon- Salon 17
  • Maestra Carrillo- Salon 18
  • Maestra Gonzalez - Salon 19


April 1, 2019

 Dear Parents and Guardians from 3rd Grade,

I am writing this letter to update you on staff changes in Room 16 - 3rd grade classroom.  Due to personal reasons, Maestra Alvarado will no longer continue teaching at Fiesta Gardens International School.  We truly appreciate the time she spent with us and are sorry that she couldn’t finish the school year.  We wish her all the best in her future endeavors. 

Maestra Alvarado asked me to share this message with you…

I regret to inform you that I will not be returning after Spring Break. I will miss all of you and your amazing children, but I need to take this time due to personal reasons. I understand that this is coming very unexpectedly, but I hope that you all understand that this is very difficult for me. Maestra Dawn will be replacing me as your children’s teacher for the remainder of the school year and will be introducing herself to you.  Your children have touched my heart greatly and I regret that I must leave them. I have appreciated working with each one of you as we strive to give your children the best when it comes to their learning. It has been a pleasure seeing your children blossom and grow as learners. Thank you for your time and support.  Thank you,  Maestra Alvarado

Staff in our Human Resources division contacted our permanent substitute Maestra Dawn Young and we are pleased to announce that Maestra Young accepted the position as teacher for the remainder of the school year.  Maestra Young has been a permanent substitute for our school district for 4 years.  Each year she has held long term assignments and is familiar with the curriculum, our dual language program and has taught many of our students.  One of her long term assignments was for Maestra Gonzalez within our 3rd grade team.

Maestra Young is fully biliterate and is a California credentialed teacher.  She was also a translator for the corporate world for many years before deciding to become a substitute for our school district.

During the Spring Break, Maestra Young is preparing to ensure that the transition goes smoothly both academically and emotionally for the students. Once we return Maestra will also collaborate extensively with her grade level team and our support staff on campus.

Maestra Young would like to meet you and is offering the chance for students and parents to get to know her before we come back to school from Spring Break. We are holding a Meet and Greet with ice cream on Friday, April 12th from 2:30 to 5:00pm in Room 16. If you are away on holiday, Maestra Young will be available to meet parents after school on Monday, April 15.  We hope to see you there.


Directora Ramirez


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