Yearbook Design Team

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  • Don't forget to fix photos before you upload them to the yearbook.
  • Use Pixlr or Canva to lighten/darken, crop, or increase contrast.
  • Don't crop too much! Leave room for overlap.

Important Dates

  • Friday, January 26: yearbook drawings due (5th grade)
  • Monday, March 5: put up yearbook order posters
  • Friday, March 16: sentences for the yearbook due (5th grade)
  • Friday, March 16: all classroom pages should be done
  • Friday, March 23: most of the yearbook should be done!
  • Friday, April 20: the last meeting!

Tips on Using the Online Editor

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Working with images


Below, students on the 2016-2017 Yearbook Design Team scanning photos, searching through photos for a classroom page, and choosing a background for a grade level:

children working together on computerschildren working at computerschildren working together