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3rd Grade Lab

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SY 2016-2017

Ms. Margaret loves to have parent/guardian/grandparent help for 3rd grade lab. You do not have to be an expert! If you have any questions, please contact her at mbecker@smfcsd.net.

3rd graders will focus on typing skills as they begin to type more and more of their written work. Each 3rd grader has a free account at Typing.com.


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Session 4 (April - June)

Session 3 (January - March)

Session 2 (November - December)

Session 1 (August - October)


SY 2015-2016

Classroom word clouds (students came up with a list of words they associate with their classroom this year):

Salón 16

Salón 17

Salón 18

Salón 19

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Lab Schedule for 2016-2017

Click here to see what students have done in lab.

Are You Really Done?

You are not really done until you:

  • Check spelling (there should be no squiggly red, blue, or green lines underneath words EXCEPT for proper nouns)
  • Check spaces, tabs, and punctuation (view some reminders)
  • Check capitalization (view some reminders)
  • Did you do everything you were asked to do? (usually there is an outline for the project)