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Kindergarten Lab

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SY 2016-2017Kinder Lab sample

Ms. Margaret loves help for kindergarten lab. You do not have to be an expert! If you have any questions, please contact her at mbecker@smfcsd.net.

Lab Schedule - 2016-2017

Sessions & Projects

1st session (August - October)

The focus is on learning the rules of the lab and gaining mouse control using the Paint program, specifically:

  • how to use the computer and mouse
  • draw shapes using the shape tools, then more complex drawing using these tools in conjunction with the paintbrush and paint bucket tools
  • how to fix mistakes

2nd session (October - December)

More focus on mouse control and learning how to fix mistakes:

  • in Paint, use more tools to create more complex drawings: Pumpkins/Fall, Numbers and Shapes
  • websites to practice patterns
  • Hour of Code

3rd session (January - March)

Continue focus on mouse control and fixing mistakes:

  • in Paint: Bird (Frida Kahlo influenced), 100 Day, Painting like Matisse - The Sea
  • websites to strengthen mouse control via patterns, numbers, animal classification, and more

4th session (April - June)

  • Paint: Insects, Snails (spirals - great for mouse control)
  • rord processing: Names and Vocab (introduce Word and practice typing their name, changing the color and style).
  • reinforce how to Undo and fix mistakes.


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Quick Links for Students

Kinder links

Samples of Student Work

Programs We Use

  • Paint
  • LibreOffice (for writing), during the last session of the school year
  • Websites (see above)

Skills We Focus On

  • Rules of the lab
  • Mouse control
  • How to open Paint
  • Paint's tools and tool-dependent choices
  • How to fix mistakes