5th Grade Lab

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SY 2017-2018

5th grade lab example

Ms. Margaret loves to have help in lab.  If you have any questions or would like to help, please contact her at mbecker@smfcsd.net.

During this first session, we are reviewing digital citizenship, working on improving typing skills, and working on a fun multimedia project ("About Me" - you can see a sample to the right). Each 5th grader has a free account at Typing.com and Typing Club.

Lab Schedule - 2017-2018

For Students

What Can You Do During Free Time?

Session 1 (August - October)

Session 2 (October - December)

Session 3 (January - March)

Session 4 (April - June)

Hour of Code

hour of code

(Click “Computers” on the
left, and “Grades 2-5”
at the top)

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Students: Are You Really Done?

You are not really done until you...