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 SY 2017-2018

Welcome to 
Fiesta Gardens Library!Michele goller

Library Coordinator:
Michele Goller
(650) 312-6817

Don't miss our BOOK FAIR and please volunteer to help:

Book Fair Volunteer Sign-Up

Mon, March 26-Thurs, March 29

During School Hours +

Wednesday, March 28 - 5:30-7:00PM



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Students in Grades 1-5 visit the library every week for 30+ minutes.  Kinders visit every other week. For class schedule please click here.

In the library all  students will:

  • Listen to age-appropriate stories.  
  • Learn basic library rules and procedures including checking out books

As applicable, students will:

  • Attain knowledge of the organization of a library:
    • E books (picture books)
    • FIC (chapter books)
    • Dewey Decimal System ( non-fiction books)
  • Review parts of a book (cover, spine, title page) 
  • Participate in library-related projects
  • And more.  

Library Hours for Students and Families

Wednesday - 8:00-8:25
Thursday - 12-12:45

If you are unable to make these times, please contact Michele directly and she will arrange a mutually convenient time for you to visit the library.

clip art books