Welcome to the Media Center

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Hour of Code

Thank you to everyone who helped with The Hour of Code! Every student at Fiesta Gardens had the opportunity to participate in this world-wide event. Please click here if your child wants to continue.

Thank you!

Ms. Margaret (mbecker@smfcsd.net)

Who We Are and What We Do

Margaret Becker and Michele Goller are the familiar faces you will see whenever you visit the Media Center. Michele Goller manages the library. Margaret runs the  computer lab classes,  the Yearbook Design Club for 5th graders, and the Student Photographers for 4th-5th graders.

Our goal is to help all students achieve media literacy. Students have access to the library, e-books, a lab of desktop PCs, carts of chromebooks, tablets, digital cameras, and digital microscopes.


Lab Schedule - 2017-2018

Library Schedule - 2017-2018

How You Can Help

Donate your time, donate items, and/or share your school related photos (see below).

We Need Photos!We Need Photos

We need photos of school events, classroom events, children working in the classroom, field trips, and anything else having to do with the school.

Click here for more information and to see how to get those photos to us

or upload photos:

FGIS Photos Drop Box
FGIS Photos Drop Box