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The Hour of Code is coming to FGIS ! From Monday, December 3 - Tuesday, January 8, every class at Fiesta Gardens will have the opportunity to participate in this world-wide event. It is an hour of fun, self-paced, problem solving for all ages.

I need your help! Although the tutorials are self-guided, many students will need some assistance reading the instructions or moving through the problems.

Here are links to:

If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Margaret at

Thank you so much for your support!

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2017-2018 (Last year)

Dear FGIS Community,

Thank you to everyone who helped with The Hour of Code! Every student at Fiesta Gardens had the opportunity to participate in this world-wide event. If your child would like to continue, click one of the links below or to the right.

Thank you!

Ms. Margaret (


If you'd like to continue...

For kinder and 1st graders

Hour of Code for kinder and 1st grade

For 2nd - 5th grade students

Main website:
hour of code
(Click Grades 2-5)

Sports / los deportes:
hour of code

More / más:

Code Studio

Even more / y más:

Learn Coding

Other resources