Lab de 4to grado

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hour of code
Hour of Code!

Para estudiantes

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Año Escolar 2017-2018

Ms. Margaret agradece mucho la ayuda en lab. No hay que ser experto! Si tienen preguntas, favor de contactar a Ms. Margaret:

During the first three sessions, we are focusing on digital citizenship, typing, and reading comprehension. Each 4th grader has a free account at and Typing Club.

The Power of Words (Common Sense Media)

Para estudiantes


Salón 25 Padlet

Salón 24 Padlet

Cut, copy, and paste colors

Sesión 3 (enero - marzo)

Hour of Code

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(Haga clic en “Computers”
de la izquierda,
y “Grades 2-5” encima)

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SY 2016-2017

Sesión 4 (abril - junio)

Sesión 3 (enero - marzo)

Sesión 2 (noviembre - diciembre)

Sesión 1 (agosto - octubre)

Are You Sure You Are Done?

  1. Check spelling (there should not be any squiggly red lines underneath words in your document EXCEPT underneath proper nouns)
  2. Check spaces, tabs, and punctuation
  3. Check capitalization
  4. Did you do everything you were asked to do? (usually there is an outline for the project)

Done? Try one of these: