Lab de 5to grado

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5th grade lab example

Ms. Margaret agradece mucho la ayuda en lab. No hay que ser experto! Si tienen preguntas, favor de contactar a Ms. Margaret:

This year we are reviewing and continuing with digital citizenship, typing skills, how to be an effective online researcher, and doing a little coding with Scratch. Each 5th grader has, at minimum, a school Google account, a Khan Academy account, and a free account at In addition, all students participate in the Hour of Code in late December.

Hour of Code!

 Dance Party
1  Empieza aquí: Fiesta de Baile

2 Luego:  Minecraft

 Star Wars
2  Luego:  Star Wars
2  Luego:  Frozen
 Code Your Superhero
2  Luego:  Code Your Superhero

 Our coding resources
3  Si quieres más