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Lab de 5to grado

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Año Escolar 2016-2017

5th grade lab example

Ms. Margaret agradece mucho la ayuda de los padres/guardianes/abuelos en lab del quinto grado. No hay que ser experto! Si tienen preguntas, favor de contactar a Ms. Margaret: mbecker@smfcsd.net.

During this first session, we are reviewing digital citizenship, working on improving typing skills, and working on a fun multimedia project ("About Me" - you can see a sample to the right). Each 5th grader has a free account at Typing.com.

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Para estudiantes

Sesión 1 (August - October)

Sesión 2 (October - December)

Sesión 3 (January - March)

Sesión 4 (April - June)

Students: Are You Really Done?

You are not really done until you...

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Enlaces rapidos

Recursos para 5to grado

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Los estudiantes de quinto grado tienen lab cada viernes:

  • Grupo A - 12:55-1:35
  • Grupo B - 1:35-2:15
  • Grupo C - 2:15-2:55

Horario de laboratorio de computadoras - 2016-2017

A good researcher...

  • reads carefully
  • uses what he/she already knows
  • uses more than one source