Common Dress Policy

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Common Dress Policy for Students at Fiesta Gardens International School


Permitted colors:

  • Plain/Solid white or navy blue ONLY, without brand logos/insignia

Permitted styles:

  • Collared shirts or blouses- short or long sleeve
  • Short or long sleeve T-shirts (undershirts are not appropriate attire)
  • Turtlenecks
  • Sweaters, cardigans and sweatshirts


  • Any color Fiesta Gardens t-shirts or sweatshirts (eg. Jog-a-thon T- shirt)
  • Any color sweatshirt/sweater/jacket


Permitted colors:

  • Khaki, navy blue(dark blue)

Permitted styles:

  • Simple, solid colored pants in khaki or navy blue
  • Dark blue jeans or sweatpants in khaki or navy blue
    • No extra baggy pants
  • Shorts: length to be no shorter than an inch above knee (i.e. Bermuda shorts) in khaki or navy blue
  • Dresses, jumpers, skirts and shorts: same length and color  requirements as shorts
    • Tights/Leggings worn under dresses/skirts can only be white or navy blue!


  • Closed toe shoes ONLY (For example: Tennis shoes, boots, etc.)
  • **Sandals and open-toed shoes are not permitted


There are NO color restrictions on outerwear (jackets, coats and rain gear) that is taken off when students are in the classroom. These items may be of any color and style.

Free Dress Day

Every Wednesday students are permitted to wear appropriate clothing of choice. However, students may wear their uniforms if they wish.


Students who come to school not wearing a uniform will be sent to the office to borrow one from the uniform closet.  After 3 visits to the office a referral will be made.