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3rd Grade Projects

Celestial Bodies Project

*AstroMía x x x

Astronomy Picture of the Day
Scroll down to the bottom and click Search, then type what you are looking for in the Search box and press Enter.

* x   x
Hubble Space Telescope Picture Album   x  
Kid’s Astronomy x    
NASA Solar System Exploration: Solar System 101 x x  
NASA Solar System Exploration: Planets 
Here you can compare 2 planets, you can click on any of the celestial bodies for more information and for photos.
x x  
NeoK12 Solar System for Kids
Videos about solar system objects.
Planets for Kids
This has information and pictures about planets, moons, and stars.
x x  
Pregúntale a un Astrónomo, para niños x   x
*Vistas del Sistema Solar  x x x

*Listed on your project packets.

Natural Resources Project

Project outline (This tells you what you need to have on each slide.)

California natural resources list (You can choose a resource from this list and it gives you information on each resource.)

How do you add another slide? Make sure you are looking at the Home tab and click New Slide (click right on the button).

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