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Kindergarten Lab Projects

See what the kindergarteners have been doing in lab this year!

SY 2015-2016

Numbers & Shapes

Task: Write the numbers from 1 to 10 (1 to 5 down the left hand side and 6 to 10 down the middle), and next to each number draw that number of shapes. For example, next to the number 1, draw 1 shape; next to the number 2, draw 2  shapes, and so on. Some students chose to write the numbers across the top of the page and draw the shapes underneath.


Task: Draw something depicting or representing autumn.



Task: Draw a tree showing all the parts: roots, trunk, branches and leaves.



Task: Draw a flower showing all the parts: roots, stem, leaves, and flower.



Task: Draw a bird.


100 Day

Task: Draw 100 shapes, 10 rows of 10. Write the number 100.


From Past Years

Flower / Flor

Task:  Draw a flower, showing all the parts:  petals, leaves, stem, roots.

Name & Face / Nombre y cara

Task:  Write your name and then draw a picture of your face.

Bird / Pájaro

Task: Draw a bird.

Mammal / Mamífero

Task: Draw a mammal.

Matisse - The Sea

Task: Draw "The Sea" in the manner of Matisse. Use 2 colors for the background and draw with white. Write your name using any color.

Snails (spirals) / Caracoles

Task: Draw snails using spirals. This requires excellent mouse control!