Kindergarten Digital Literacy

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2020-2021Kinder Lab sample

During distance learning, there are no  digital literacy classes for kindergarten students.


Here you can find links to digital activities and websites used in the lab and in the classroom, which you can also use at home. Our goal is to help students achieve digital literacy, learning the technical skills they will need to succeed in school and beyond. All students participate in the Hour of Code in December.

If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Margaret at

Activities for February & March

Kindergarten math activities for February

Hour of Code!

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1st session (August - October)

The focus this session is on learning rules and expectations of the computer lab and gaining mouse control via websites designed for this purpose (click Kinder links and then Mouse Skills).

2nd session (October - December)

More focus on mouse control and learning how to fix mistakes. We continue to use websites and begin to learn how to use the Paint program on the computers. This affords students the opportunity to learn how to fix mistakes. We also participate in the school-wide (indeed, world-wide) Hour of Code.

3rd session (January - March)

Continue focus on mouse control, fixing mistakes, how to use programs on the computer (how to open, how to close).

4th session (April - June)

In addition to above, begin to learn where keys are on the keyboard and create simple word documents using LibreOffice.